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Welcome to the home page of the Adirondack 29er Challenge!

The Adirondack 29er challenge was created so that Adirondack hikers can enjoy spectacular parts of the larger Adirondack Park outside of the High Peaks region.

All of peaks in the challenge have great views from their summits, and as such each and every one is an enjoyable hike - none of them are boring hikes that must be done "just for the challenge".

All hikes in the challenge are no longer than 9 miles, and each one can be completed in a single day trip.

All hikes have marked and maintained trails, no bushwhacking or expert map-and-compass skills needed!

So, what are the peaks?

There is a list of 29 "main" peaks, however due to the wide geographical distribution
of these peaks, an alternates list has also been created - Any combination of 29 peaks
from both lists will qualify as completing the main 29er challenge.

Junior Challenge
There is also a "Junior" 29er challenge, which is great as a "stepping-stone"
towards the main 29er challenge, for young hikers, or those looking for an easier set
of hikes. All of the hikes in this challenge are less than 5 miles round-trip, and less
than 1,500 feet of elevation gain.

NOW AVAILABLE: Winter Patches
Winter patches are now available for those who complete either of the two regular
challenges, having completed each peak on dates that fall between December 21st
and March 20th - there is no starting year so if you have already done this,
register today!

For more information on the peaks, and for a good resource to keep track
of your climbs, from the peaks in the 29er challenges to any of over 600,000 other
peaks around the world, why not pay our friends a visit at

Original Peaks
Alternate Peaks

Junior Peaks
Alt. Junior Peaks

Below is a map of the peak locations:

Tip: You can click the name of any peak in the lists above to show its location on the map

Blue: Main 29er
Red: Alternate 29er
Green: Junior 29er
Yellow: Alternate Junior 29er