Adirondack 29er Challenge Finisher Profile for #1 - Paul Curless

From Brockville, ON

# Peak Date Summitted Comments
#1 Wright Peak Oct 25, 2012 Did along with Algonquin as part of the ADK 46R
#2 Saint Regis Mountain Nov 28, 2014 Done 4 times now, did as part of the Saranac 6
#3 Ampersand Mountain Sep 04, 2015 Did as part of the Saranac 6. One of my favourites
#4 Lyon Mountain Nov 20, 2015 Cold and windy at the top, did as part of the Fire Tower challenge
#5 Mt. Adams Mar 11, 2016 Great views from the tower. Another on the FTC list
#6 Goodnow Mountain Mar 11, 2016 Nice short hike, done again as part of the FTC.
#7 Blue Mountain Mar 25, 2016 Very Icy and a cold summit. Did as part of the Fire Tower challenge
#8 Owls Head Mar 25, 2016 Did on the same day as Blue, part of the FTC
#9 Hurricane Mountain Apr 22, 2016 Celebrated St George's Day on a peak. Another favourite and another FTC peak completed.
#10 Poke-o-moonshine Apr 22, 2016 Did on the same day as Hurricane, as part of the FTC
#11 Catamount Mountain May 13, 2016 Done twice now, love this peak, one of the more interesting trails. The Chimney is a favourite of mine.
#12 Loon Lake Mountain May 13, 2016 Another as part of the FTC
#13 Vanderwhacker Jun 24, 2016 This became a 10mi RT due to the road leading to the trailhead being too sketchy to drive down. A very hot day.
#14 Wakely Mountain Jul 29, 2016 Hot July Day, Did Wakely and the then the 3 peaks that now make up the Trifecta
#15 Snowy Mountain Aug 26, 2016 A hot Summers day, hiked Snowy and Stillwater. Fell and tumbled 20ft down Snowy !!
#16 Pitchoff Mountain Sep 14, 2016 Did Pitchoff along with Owl's Head and Baxter.
#17 Noonmark Mountain Nov 18, 2016 What an awesome peak. One of my top 5 favourites outside the High Peaks, views are amazing.
#18 Round Mountain Nov 18, 2016 Did on the way down from Noonmark.
#19 Jay Mountain May 26, 2017 Another in the top 5 of my favourites. Quite possibly #1. Done twice now.
#20 Moxham Mountain Jun 23, 2017 A hidden gem for sure, surprising not to hear more about this little beaut. Quite an easy hike for some great views.
#21 Chimney Mountain Jun 23, 2017 Awesome peak, some interesting formations at the top, and the caves are an added bonus.
#22 Rooster Comb Jul 2017 Another hidden gem. Hiked along with Hedgehog on the way up to LWJ
#23 Indian Head Aug 25, 2017 What can you say about a peak that is iconic !! the views are simply stunning. Done 3 times now.
#24 Bald Peak Sep 22, 2017 Ridiculously hot day. Did on route to RPR.
#25 Hopkins Mountain Oct 20, 2017 Beautiful Autumn hike. Another hidden gem, some spectacular views.
#26 Cat Mountain Dec 01, 2017 Did as part of the LG12 along with Thomas.
#27 Blueberry Mountain Dec 29, 2017 A cold Snowy Winter hike. Temps well below freezing. Views limited due to snowstorm that came in
#28 Snow Mountain Jan 26, 2018 #29 Became a 29er on Snow. A cold day, but worth the effort. Short and steep, views limited as it was getting dark.
#29 Owls Head Lookout Jan 26, 2018 Gorgeous views. A very windy summit day. #28 on the list
#30 Giant Nubble Aug 10, 2018 Awesome little side hike on our way down from Giant.
#31 Flume Knob Oct 30, 2018 Did the Flume along with Bears Den to finish the LP9er.
#32 Hadley Mountain May 03, 2019