Adirondack 29er Challenge Finisher Profile for #115 - Eric Woodruff

From Schenectady, NY

# Peak Date Summitted Comments
#1 Hadley Mountain Jan 21, 2018 Was a great hike, used crampons for the first time, worked out very well, beautiful day out.
#2 Black Mountain Feb 04, 2018 Was very windy at the top; Peakbagger and Alltrails didn't really have any trip reports from others that the wind turbine at the top can make a TON of noise that really echoes throughout the mountain on the climb. Also did the whole loop, started snowing decently on the hike back.
#3 Goodnow Mountain Feb 25, 2018 Sleeting rain/snow mix. Was a nice hike, but with the wind and the ice on the fire tower only went up to first deck. The trail is poorly marked, but it's easy enough to follow the tracks from others. I can understand why it would be a mess during the spring or wet periods, half the trail seems like it's running up the bed of a stream.
#4 Snowy Mountain Mar 04, 2018 Was an awful hike. The last 7/10th of a mile was almost impassable with the recent snowfall, even with snowshoes there was so little traction and the peak was so steep for every step forward you went about 3 steps back. Also broke a hiking pole when standing on a piece of ice over the stream which subsequently broke from underneath me.
#5 Poke-o-moonshine Apr 08, 2018 Hike was longer than expected with some of the work being done to maintain the trail, it ended up being about 1.75 miles up so 3.5 round trip. My understanding is this is because of erosion on part of the original trail. Beautiful view from the top, didn't fully ascent the fire tower... didn't feel especially safe (and the landing was locked).
#6 Blue Mountain Jun 24, 2018 Rainy day out, very foggy at the top. Climb up wasn't too bad, climb down was a little slow going because of some slick rock face.
#7 Vanderwhacker Jul 04, 2018 Beautiful day for a hike, went out early to beat the heat. Tons of horseflies out. Abandoned Ranger cabin was pretty interesting, hike was moderate except the highest part of the climb was hard.
#8 Hurricane Mountain Jul 28, 2018 Absolutely the best fire tower hike so far. Great views from the peak, weather wasn't too bad either.
#9 Mt. Adams Aug 05, 2018 Pretty technical hike with some short but decent scrambles by the top. Hiked really kicked my butt. Trail head was a bit hard to find where it splits off from the trail to Allen.
#10 Lyon Mountain Sep 30, 2018 Hike up the new trail was great, never too difficult. Was very cool at the top of the mountain with the wind, and freezing up in the cab of the fire tower.
#11 First Brother Oct 14, 2018 5:45 am start, 32 degrees out, sun starting to come up when on the first Brother. Was part of a 46er hike up Big Slide.
#12 Cat Mountain Nov 18, 2018 Hike from Thomas to Cat was really fun and interesting; trail was not broken aside from a few deer. Would have been better with snowshoes, was not postholing but just a lot of clomping through snow. Weather was nice, wasn't a lot of views along the ridge, but it was interesting to try and follow the trail. The hike down Cat to the parking lot kind of dragged, wasn't super interesting, but might provide some very nice views in the summer with a few ponds.
#13 Buck Mountain Nov 30, 2018 Hiked up with my good friend Sarah, used crampons partway up, was their first time hiking in the snow. Great views of Lake George from the true summit.
#14 Ampersand Mountain Dec 01, 2018 Very loose snow on the hike, had to snowshoe the whole way up, very difficult climbs at times, no views from the peak due to cutting through the clouds. Trip down was a bit long and miserable.
#15 Saint Regis Mountain Jan 05, 2019 ADK group hike, was absolutely beautiful out.
#16 Peaked Mountain Jan 19, 2019 Great ADK group hike. Last bit of the climb was pretty steep with a good coating of ice buried under some snow.
#17 Fivemile Mountain Jan 26, 2019 Great hike with Dustin, covered Brown and Huckleberry on the way to Five Mile.
#18 Crane Mountain Feb 27, 2019 Was a very difficult hike in the winter, even with crampons and snowshoes. Ended up hiking the loop, which the trail was not broken on, the trail was poorly marked, and the snow surface made for going downhill about as difficult as going up. Weather at the summit was not awful, but did not linger long because of the temperatures.
#19 Snow Mountain Mar 09, 2019 Was a lovely day, paired this mountain with Rooster Comb; the trail was not broken in at all for the last 1/2 mile, but with the weather so nice didn't mind.
#20 Rooster Comb Mar 09, 2019 First of a pair with Snow Mt. Felt a bit sluggish on the ascent but was worth it once I got to the top and took in the views. The weather was warm for winter and clear.
#21 Moxham Mountain Apr 07, 2019 Second hike of the day in a Megan ADK group, weather was nicer than expected but the trail conditions were awful with slushy snow intermingled with dry spots. Really wore on my ankles.
#22 Chimney Mountain Apr 07, 2019 First hike in a pair of Megan ADK group hikes. Was a relatively nice hike with a good group, weather was a bit overcast but it was really interesting to check out the chimney rock formation.
#23 Owls Head May 05, 2019 ADK group hike led by Megan, was a fantastic day on the mountain with a great group of people. Weather was so pleasant, first nice weather hike of the spring.
#24 Jay Mountain May 11, 2019 Hike was longer and slower than anticipated; body really was not loving hiking today. Great views, great ADK group hike today.
#25 Noonmark Mountain May 25, 2019 Second part of a paired hike I was leading with Round. Was VERY sluggish coming up Noonmark for the last mile, falling well behind. Definitely not in the best hiking shape.
#26 Round Mountain May 25, 2019 First hike out of a pairing with Noonmark; was the leader of the hike for the ADK. Weather was very nice, was not too bad going up Round.
#27 Catamount Mountain Jul 21, 2019 Was a very nice day, slightly overcast but sun opening up at the peak. Hike was not too bad despite having not consistently hiked this summer.
#28 Pharaoh Mountain Aug 30, 2019 Was a great hike with Davey and Alana, even though everyone felt very tired. Got a bit lost on the way back to where the car was parked along the very beaten up road to the inner trailhead. Was a perfect day on the summit.
#29 Wakely Mountain Sep 29, 2019 ADK group hike led by Megan, was a fantastic day for my 29th mountain for the challenge. Views were great, did not fully climb the tower though.