Adirondack 29er Challenge Finisher Profile for #181 - Andrew Senese

From Amsterdam, NY

# Peak Date Summitted Comments
#1 Blue Mountain Feb 07, 2015 Snow was deep, but incredible day nonetheless.
#2 Owls Head Feb 20, 2015 Really enjoyed this hike — will be doing it again.
#3 Black Mountain Mar 06, 2015 Enjoyable day in the snow.
#4 Fivemile Mountain Mar 13, 2015 A chilly but enjoyable day.
#5 Wakely Mountain May 18, 2015 Easily one of my favorite firetower hikes!
#6 Cat Mountain Aug 08, 2015 Hiked along with Thomas Mountain. Fun day!
#7 Goodnow Mountain Dec 28, 2015 Great (and snowy) views from the firetower.
#8 Buck Mountain Jan 08, 2016 Another amazing hike!
#9 Hadley Mountain Mar 09, 2016 Short, steep & beautiful!
#10 Vanderwhacker Jun 29, 2016 Loved this firetower hike! Gorgeous views.
#11 Crane Mountain Jul 22, 2016 One of my favorites! Fun scramble up and gorgeous summit.
#12 Snowy Mountain Jan 10, 2017 Perhaps my favorite hike in the ADKs. Have done Snowy several times, and will undoubtedly be doing it again!
#13 Chimney Mountain Jun 14, 2017 Very interesting summit and superb views. Also saw a bunch of frogs on the way up!
#14 Noonmark Mountain Jul 11, 2017 One of my favorite 29ers, for sure. Incredible views from up top!
#15 Ampersand Mountain Jul 11, 2018 Have hiked this several times, once as part of the Saranac Ultra 6er. Steep, but offers such incredible views!
#16 First Brother Sep 23, 2018 Another birthday adventure! Hiked on the way to Big Slide — amazing views for not much work!
#17 Poke-o-moonshine Oct 05, 2018 Stunning fall views.
#18 Saint Regis Mountain Oct 08, 2018 Lovely day on the mountain.
#19 Pitchoff Mountain Jun 09, 2019 Fun hike with an excellent summit.
#20 Catamount Mountain Jun 09, 2019 Hiked along with Pitchoff while completing the Lake Placid 9er.
#21 Moxham Mountain Jun 23, 2019 Was camping in the area and decided to check this out. Definitely worth it!
#22 Hurricane Mountain Jul 03, 2019 Firetower offers some of the best views you can get in the ADKs.
#23 Wright Peak Sep 10, 2019 Hiked along with Iroquois and Algonquin. Breathtaking views all day long!
#24 Mt. Adams Sep 25, 2019 Hiked right after my birthday. A truly beautiful day!
#25 Indian Head Mar 07, 2020 Popular trail, but I can understand why! Unique views and a picturesque landscape.
#26 Lyon Mountain Mar 21, 2020 Very chilly day, but still managed to enjoy the firetower at the summit.
#27 Peaked Mountain May 16, 2020 Wonderful day hike — really enjoyed the waterfall on the way up!
#28 Loon Lake Mountain Sep 12, 2020 Was the only person on trail, so got to enjoy a tranquil morning. Firetower was missing steps, but still great views from up top.
#29 Treadway Mountain Nov 14, 2020 Final challenge hike — excellent day on a quiet mountain!