Adirondack 29er Challenge Finisher Profile for #219 - Catherine DiMarco

From Vergennes, VT

# Peak Date Summitted Comments
#1 Rooster Comb Oct 05, 2019 Such a beautiful hike with amazing fall colors. The parking lot was nuts, but it was for several trails, so it wasn't really that crowded at the summit. Well marked trail with lovely views.
#2 Owls Head Lookout May 16, 2020 I took my new boyfriend up here and he was blown away by the views. We got lucky and there were few people there. I really love this hike and did it last year as well. It is pretty and not too difficult.
#3 Poke-o-moonshine Jun 20, 2020 This is a really fun hike, with great views for the difficulty. I did it last year too and was looking forward to going up again this year!
#4 Hurricane Mountain Jul 04, 2020 I LOVE this hike! It has varied terrain, and the views are amazing, especially from the fire tower. Had a great chat with the person working there about rock climbing out West :D
#5 Moxham Mountain Jul 15, 2020 Amazing views for a not-that-difficult hike. Someone warned me about a snake on the trail, but I never saw it.
#6 Goodnow Mountain Aug 07, 2020 What a well maintained trail this was - so lovely to hike on. The views for the difficulty were amazing, and it wasn't overly crowded the day I went. I will definitely do this one again next year :D
#7 Black Mountain Aug 19, 2020 Met a nice couple visiting and gave advice about local trails. Beautiful day and loved the views from this summit!
#8 Ampersand Mountain Sep 18, 2020 This mountain was rated moderate on AllTrails, but I thought it was pretty tough, and saw many folks not dressed properly for the level of rock scrambling. This one had the best views of the Saranac Lake 6ers!
#9 Giant Nubble Sep 20, 2020 I almost went up Giant, but decided to take it easier since I had just done Ampersand a few days prior. The views were amazing, and I wasn't scared at the end like I was the first time I went up there a year ago thanks to lots of hiking since then!
#10 Hadley Mountain Oct 02, 2020 Crazy crowded summit and kinda rainy out, but beautiful.
#11 Saint Regis Mountain Oct 09, 2020 This was my favorite of the Saranac Lake 6ers. It was fun and the views are so lovely, especially from the fire tower. I went up later in the day and enjoyed an uncrowded summit :D I also got very wet and muddy!
#12 Vanderwhacker Oct 12, 2020 Still plenty of color in the foliage ! Nice, moderate hike with a beautiful beaver pond and amazing views from the fire tower!
#13 Buck Mountain Oct 15, 2020 Fun trail! The false summit is amazing too, and some folks liked it even better than the "real" summit. Amazing views of the Sagamore, Lake George. Beautiful foliage and lots of chipmunks for my doggie to get excited about~
#14 Treadway Mountain Oct 17, 2020 Beautiful and mellow hike. The cairns were very helpful! Didn't see any chipmunks. My dog was bummed, lol.
#15 Cat Mountain Oct 22, 2020 Beautiful hike up the blue marked trail. Still some lovely fall foliage around Lake George, and beautiful views of the Lake!!
#16 Lyon Mountain Oct 23, 2020 SO MUCH MUD!! It was tiring dealing with all of the water, mud, wet rocks etc. I met an 83 year old woman coming down - how inspiring is that? Beautiful day, but the view was hazy. I had the summit to myself.
#17 Snow Mountain Oct 31, 2020 Beautiful hike!! The waterfall was lovely, and the views with the new snow were stunning. Had the top to myself for a bit too. Someone came up with a costume on and offered me candy, lol. Saw a deer - Bella was so excited! Loved this hike!
#18 Blue Mountain Nov 05, 2020 Tough climb! Hardest one so far, probably due partly to the conditions. Lots of running water and ice on steep rock slabs. Met a nice guy at the top who had done the CO trail this past summer :D Beautiful views from fire tower!!
#19 Flume Knob Apr 13, 2021 Great hike. I didn't see a single soul except at the very start and had the knob to myself. Perfect day, beautiful views.. <3
#20 Hopkins Mountain Apr 27, 2021 I LOVED this trail! It is beautiful, and the views are amazing. So many pretty waterfalls, and the elevation is spread out more evenly, unlike many ADK mountains. I also didn't see a single other person. It was just a lovely hike! :D
#21 Jay Mountain May 06, 2021 I LOVE this hike!! Nice and gentle until you get to the peaks at the end where there are a few tough rock scrambles. We also got lost for bit. Only ran into two other groups of people on a beautiful, but chilly day. The views are just crazy beautiful.
#22 Owls Head May 12, 2021 Pretty easy hike, but there is some bad erosion in places near the top. It was sunny, then rained, then hailed. Only saw one other person. The views from the fire tower were amazing! Really enjoyed this hike.
#23 Crane Mountain May 13, 2021 This hike was TOUGH.. I did the dog friendly way up and back, and it was much harder than I expected. Saw one other person at the start and no one at the summit. The views are gorgeous... Tough but beautiful hike on a beautiful day!
#24 Bald Peak May 15, 2021 This mountain felt long, lol, and pretty relentlessly up! The views were amazing, and only saw a few other people. Saw a few people who had gone to I can't imagine that hike. That being said I really enjoyed the hike. It wasn't technically tough, just up, up, up,... I may come back in fall - it will be amazing!
#25 Noonmark Mountain May 19, 2021 Loved this hike! Took the Round Pond way up. I didn't find it that difficult, got to wade in the pond, and the views were crazy! Saw a few folks at the top, but mostly had it to ourselves. Beautiful day with 360 degree views. Just awesome!
#26 First Brother May 24, 2021 Beautiful, cool day. I did this last year and the AllTrails map said I hadn't gone all the way, so today I hiked up to the next ledge.. then it told me I had gone halfway to Second Brother... So I guess I have done this twice! Saw several people coming down from Big Slide on this lovely say. The hike was fun, and the views amazing... Just a great day!
#27 Blueberry Mountain Jun 02, 2021 Fun hike. It was definitely steep, but not as hard as I was expecting. The views were nice and the only person I saw on the trail was a ranger right near the summit who was hiking from Cascade to the Marcy Field lot and one person starting as I was finishing. Beautiful day and lovely views from the summit.
#28 Wright Peak Jun 16, 2021 I LOVED this hike!! It was so fun, and the views were crazy. It was really cold up there today, so glad I brought layers. After a while my hiking partner and I had the summit to ourselves, but there were a few groups up there when we got there. I am gonna go back and do Algonquin next time!
#29 Mt. Adams Jun 19, 2021 This mountain was tougher than I expected, and it's a little sad that there is no view at the summit, but the views from the fire tower are amazing!! Beautiful day, and didn't see anyone else except a few at the start coming down since I started late in the day. This is the last one of my challenge, so it was a bit emotional for me.