Adirondack 29er Challenge Finisher Profile for #29 - Jared Whalen

From Keene Valley, NY

# Peak Date Summitted Comments
#1 Pitchoff Mountain Sep 2012 Cascade's cooler cousin.
#2 First Brother Sep 2014
#3 Vanderwhacker Oct 2014 Had serious thoughts that my car might not make it back out this road. Great mountain with some interesting access.
#4 Catamount Mountain Aug 2015 My go-to recommendation for people out of the area.
#5 Blue Mountain Oct 2015
#6 Wakely Mountain Oct 2015 Glad they fixed the roof. When I was in here, it was hanging dangerously.
#7 Mt. Adams Oct 2015
#8 Noonmark Mountain Oct 2015
#9 Loon Lake Mountain Oct 2015
#10 Round Mountain Oct 2015
#11 Wright Peak Nov 2015
#12 Hadley Mountain Dec 2015 I did this after a couple other fire towers in the area. Long day!
#13 Black Mountain Dec 2015 Criminally underrated.
#14 Snowy Mountain Dec 2015
#15 Lyon Mountain Dec 2015 Been up three times, and the summit's been totally clouded all of em.
#16 Goodnow Mountain Dec 2015 A shining example of a well built trail.
#17 Ampersand Mountain Jan 2016 One of my journeys up this. A gem.
#18 Bald Peak Feb 2016 Double duty with Woodhull
#19 Owls Head Lookout May 2016
#20 Cat Mountain Jun 2016 Quite a nice view here.
#21 Hurricane Mountain Aug 2016 Former volunteer steward up here, before they hired a much-needed full-timer.
#22 Rooster Comb Aug 2016
#23 Moxham Mountain Sep 2016 Another hike in almost total fog. Very surreal though, and quite memorable.
#24 Jay Mountain Sep 2016 Been all through the Jay Wilderness. Love every public inch of it.
#25 Snow Mountain Sep 2016
#26 Pharaoh Mountain Oct 2016 See Treadway
#27 Peaked Mountain Oct 2016 Indian Lake area is amazing.
#28 Owls Head Oct 2016 Nice local jaunt for me.
#29 Giant Nubble Oct 2016
#30 Treadway Mountain Nov 2016 Pharoah Lake Wilderness might be the best bang for your hiking hour out there.
#31 Blueberry Mountain Dec 2016
#32 Buck Mountain Feb 2017 Foggy as all get out, but I've heard its' a great view.
#33 Fivemile Mountain Feb 2017 Had to break trail the whole way. Rewarding, but tiring.
#34 Indian Head Sep 2017
#35 Hopkins Mountain May 2018 Most recently on the Great Adirondack Trail Run. Several times before.
#36 Saint Regis Mountain Jun 2018 Really glad they re-opened this tower.
#37 Poke-o-moonshine Aug 2018 Most recent trip. Used the summit as a jumping off point for some excellent bushwhacking.