Adirondack Junior 29er Challenge Finisher Profile for #87 - Bob Trouskie

From Rochester, NY

# Peak Date Summitted Comments
#1 Baker Mountain Aug 06, 2017 Steeper than I anticipated. Part of Saranac 6
#2 Bald (Rondaxe) Mountain Jul 05, 2018 Fire Tower on summit. Trail and summit very crowded
#3 Kane Mountain May 05, 2019 Hiked the loop - East up and other more gradual trail descending) Fire tower on summit. Only encountered 1 other hiker
#4 Kipp Mountain Jun 14, 2019 Trail was easy to follow with trail markers every 50 feet - trail was buggy
#5 Stillwater Mountain Sep 08, 2019 A well marked gradual ascending trail. Fire tower on summit. Limited marking - 10 other groups on the trail
#6 Hackensack Mountain Sep 15, 2019 Confusing trail with sections not well marked
#7 Shelving Rock Mountain Sep 22, 2019 Very gradual trail - long switchbacks - told it was an old carriage path/trail. Great views from the summit
#8 Black Bear Mountain Oct 15, 2019 Used Blue Trail. Well marked, muddy in spots. 3 other hiking groups
#9 Rocky Mountain Oct 15, 2019 Very dry trail with a constant gradual ascent. Great views from summit
#10 Stewart Mountain Feb 23, 2020 First winter hike - used micro spikes (carried snowshoes in case). 1 other group on trail
#11 Good Luck Cliffs Apr 04, 2020 Muddy trail, last part of the trail was still icy, 7 other groups of hikers
#12 Belfry Mountain May 02, 2020 Boring hike up a gravel service road to the fire tower. Hiked it after hiking Cheney Mt.
#13 Severance Hill May 16, 2020 Well marked, dry trail. Nice views from summit. 5 other groups of hikers
#14 Mt. Jo Jul 20, 2020 Enjoyable, great view
#15 Cobble Hill Jul 26, 2020 Hard to find trailhead - a local helped. Unmarked herd path and very crowded
#16 Mt. Van Hoevenberg Jul 27, 2020 Trail had a detour as construction work going on within the complex. good summit views
#17 Big Crow Mountain Jul 30, 2020 Fun and short trail - nice summit views
#18 Goodman Mountain Sep 28, 2020 Hiked prior to hiking Coney on the same day. 1st section of the trail was handicapped accessible. The second half was more of a traditional trail
#19 Coney Mountain Sep 28, 2020 Trail was professional rebuilt. Easy to follow and well marked. Also hiked Goodman the same day
#20 Panther Mountain Sep 29, 2020 Short trail (albeit a constant fairly steep ascent) Roots and scrambles near summit
#21 Echo Cliffs Oct 04, 2020 Very Crowded summit
#22 Silver Lake Mountain Oct 10, 2020 Parking lot was full. Trail poorly marked however easy to follow (herd path), fairly steep with no switchbacks
#23 Mt. Arab Mar 17, 2021 Well marked snowy trail. Wore micro spikes. Easy to follow. Fire tower on summit. 1 other group of hikers
#24 Pilot Knob Ridge Mar 27, 2021 Gradual trail to Gazebo. Gradual switch back trail to waterfalls. Trail well marked. Trail were crowed (15 other groups)
#25 Sawyer Mountain Apr 06, 2021 Only person on the trail - well marked
#26 Thomas Mountain May 01, 2021 Combined the hike with Cat Mt. Boring route to summit (old jeep path) Limited views from summit
#27 Baxter Mountain May 12, 2021 Trail sign missed on Rt. 9N. Trail was well marked
#28 The Pinnacle Jun 06, 2021 Easy to follow trail. Trail was crowded with 10 other groups
#29 Sleeping Beauty Jul 10, 2021 Second timed hiked the summit - this time combined with Mt. Eberus. Easy to follow trail. Crowded trail and summit. Parked in Dacy Clearing
#30 Watch Hill Jul 19, 2021 Trail was damp, wet, and muddy in sections. Easy to follow and well marked. Very slippery down to Indian Lake. One other group of 15 hikers on summit